Dr. Kabir H Biswas

Dr. Biswas is broadly interested in designing biointerfaces and biosensors for the purpose of understanding and controlling cellular signaling with an emphasis on the role of spatial organization and mechanical regulation of signalling proteins. He employs a variety of biophysical and materials approaches including nano- and micropatterning techniques to design supported membrane-based patterned substrates and genetically encoded, bioluminescence resonance energy transfer (BRET)-based sensors for controlling and monitoring cellular signaling events. Traditional biochemical and cellular assays provide some understanding of cellular signaling including the identity of the proteins involved in a particular pathway, and their biochemical transformations or interacting partners. However, these techniques are often unsuitable for dissecting the role of spatial organization or mechanical regulation of signaling proteins, features that have been recently revealed to be of prime importance. Some examples of such regulation include the molecular mobility-dependent cadherin adhesion formation, spatial localization dependent T-cell receptor signaling and substrate rigidity dependent integrin signaling. Insights gained from these studies will aid in the development of alternative, novel therapeutic avenues for diseases such as cancer.

Postocdoctoral Fellows

[2] Dr. Anupriya MG

[1] Dr. Tausif Altamash

Graduate students

[1] Wesam Ahmed, PhD student, BBS, CHLS, HBKU (Spring 2020 - )

Positions are available for graduate students to work on exciting projects related to mechanisms of cell signaling using a variety of biophysical and materials engineering approaches. Graduate students at HBKU who find our work interesting may get in touch with Dr. Biswas directly.

Masters students

Masters student at HBKU interested in our laboratory may write to Dr. Biswas directly.

ROTATING students

[3] Wesam Ahmed, PhD student, BBS, CHLS, HBKU (Fall 2019)

[2] Lutfiye Yildiz Ozer, PhD student, BBS, CHLS, HBKU (Fall 2019)

[1] Nada Mohamed Kafour, Masters student, BBS, CHLS, HBKU (Fall 2019)